Decorator & Designer in Stockholm

297x345_heminredningAre you going to renovate and need help all the way? We offer our customers a complete package from the design stage to the finished result!

To furnish a new home or just freshen up an existing space is not always easy. It can be difficult to find the right balance between different themes, colors and furniture because the range is so big today.

We humans are greatly affected by various kinds of color and light, therefore it is essential to find the right combination to feel the harmony in the home.

Design By My Eye does not work after any template or any particular trend but it is you, the customer, who is our starting point. We help you to decorate so that it feels comfortable and right for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a free appointment with a decorator.

Our Services

To have a central theme when decorating is everything. We can provide you with plan changes, color schemes, furniture proposals, site-built furniture, textile choices and materials, and product choices.
Design By My Eye can here assist with drawings on how you can shape your garden. In close cooperation with our land contractor we can assist with paving, excavation and what it takes to implement what we come up with. You can also get tips on what furniture, planters, lighting, everything to create just your little oasis!
Does your room / office feel wrong today? Then maybe it is enough just to change the color of the walls or put up a lovely wallpaper? Here you get assistance finding the right color combinations in terms of the NCS codes and wallpaper choices!
The lighting in a room makes it all! If one has not the right lighting so it does not matter how you decorate. Here we can help you select the right fixture and the light source. For exterior lighting, Design By My Eye collaborates with an experienced lighting designer.
Sometimes it takes just that little touch to get to it. Here you may have already have acquired all the furniture but need that final finishing touch!
Do you need help with optimizing a floorplan? Maybe an additional room is needed or maybe move the kitchen to a newlocation? We solve that for you! In consultation with our contractor, we discuss new solutions regarding the design of the electricity, plumbing and any gas that may need to be redirected.
You can engage Design By My Eye to project manage the renovation. The project leaders role is to manage the craftsmen and to ensure that all deliveries will be properly recieved and that everything is on time and has the right quality. You get the same contact person from beginning to final result!
Here you get a personal speaking partner that you can bounce ideas off! Some customers find that it is great fun with the decor and have their own visions but need someone to discuss them with. In a workshop you will receive tips on how you can bring color, light set, rearrange the furniture and possible shopping places.