Design By My Eye is a company engaged in the design and renovation of indoor and outdoor spaces.

We offer a personal interior designer in Stockholm who will help you with design for residential, public spaces such as offices, restaurants, cafes or your garden. Each assignment is unique and you as a customer is the most important person to us.

What you will receive from us are digital drawings, colour suggestions, textile choices, project management as well as purchase of materials and product choice. We will guide you all the way from planning to the final result!

The business caters to both individuals and companies in the Stockholm area.

Enquire about booking a meeting free of charge!

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Design By My Eye shall be the customer’s natural choice facing a change of indoor and outdoor design.

We aim to be a long term partner and deliver qualitative solutions where each assignment is unique.

We believe that our customers have other things to do than to keep track of everything related to interior design. Therefore, each customer has only one contact person.
Our goal is to meet your expectations, providing relief during the project implementation and to finish with a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

In closing, we book an appointment for a detailed review of the project. If something is not to your satisfaction, we will do our utmost to resolve the problem.

Free Meeting

Design By My Eye offers all customers a free initial meeting, to create an idea of what might be implemented. Read more about how we work here.

One Contact Person and Great Discounts

Our skilled partners assists all the way with the renovation when DBME hired for project management. For you as a customer, this means that you have only one contact person throughout the process as well as great discounts from all our suppliers. Read more about us here.

Business and Home Decor

Design By My Eye addressed both to individuals and businesses in the Stockholm area. Read more about how we work with private clients here and on our work with companies here.